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I Can’t Keep Calm Because The Broken Scooter, Chhattisgarh Completes One Year


365 odd days, more than 50 interesting articles, approximately 17 successful community building events, more than 1700 amazing followers, this can be summarized as a.

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This is How Scribblers of Chhattisgarh Enkindled a Poetic Evening with the 11th Volume of Karvaan Chhattisgarh


Wordsmiths of Raipur presented some amazing poems in Karvaan volume 11, held on 23rd of July. The poetry slam was organised in The Arabian Oasis.

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For Better or Verse | Introducing Raipur’s Very Own Poetry Slam ‘KARVAAN’


Although we see ourselves as grownups today but still we cherish that one memory of learning and reciting our favorite poems “Twinkle Twinkle little star”,.

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Amp up your Sunday plans with “Horn’s on” Rock and Metal music fest


Raipur is taking steps towards constructing a varied socio-culture, it’s about time we join the motion and induce all kinds of cultures in our city..

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How Three CAs Are Making Sundays In Raipur More Fun Filled


How ’bout a Sunday plan, whereby you don’t just binge watch movies or dine out with folks, as is the plan conventionally? How ’bout newer.

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This Organization In Raipur Is On A Mission To Rekindle Children’s Imagination


Back in the times when homes were not mercilessly raided and filled with gadgets of all kinds, childhood meant growing up with simple pleasures of.

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Raipur’s First Ever Open Mic & Stand Up Comedy By KEC Had Everyone Rolling Down With Laughter


Picture early September, Telibanda lakeside, couple it up with delicious food and a bunch of comedians making us laugh!! What else do we need to.

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This Homemaker Turned Yoga Teacher Is On A Mission To Make Raipur Healthier


“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” These lines evoke the true spirit of practicing yoga and served as.

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From Selling Milk to Rio Olympics, Renuka Yadav’s Journey Will Inspire Every Chhattisgarhi


No words are apt enough to describe the journey of Renuka Yadav, a native of Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh. Coming from a lower middle-class family, Renuka used to.

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