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‘A Woman Alone’ is a Play Coming to Steel City For all Theatre Enthusiasts


What is it? A theatrical play, for an audience of 18 years and above. ‘A Woman Alone’ points out the politics in relationships. A woman.

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Here is Everything “Lighthouse” Junior Literary Fest has in Store for the Little Humans of Chhattisgarh


Have you ever seen a spark in your child and wanted him to turn that spark into blazing fire? Well, Oorja Raipur brings to you.

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After a Year Long Wait This is How Raipur is Gearing up for Lighthouse, The City’s Only Junior Litfest


Oorja, a women society is working devotedly towards a great cause of bringing the 2nd edition of Lighthouse, Raipur’s Only Junior Literature Festival. Today Oorja.

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Karvaan and NIT, Raipur Came Together to Give Audience The Most Literary Event Ever


Karvaan completed another milestone by organizing its 13th volume at NIT campus. This wasn’t just any other poetry slam; it was ‘the poetry slam’. From.

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Laugh Out Loud Because it Just Takes One Good Dose of Laughter to Promote Literacy


“Life is a tragedy when you see in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot” – Charlie Chaplin. Laughing is and will always be the best.

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Grand Janmashtami celebration by Hare Krishna Movement in Raipur


“Of Lights I am the radiant Sun” Lord Krishna, Bhagwad Gita 10.21 When ignorance is the default mode of thinking, Krishna is the path of.

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Here is Everything That Happened at the ‘Writers’ Meet


Knowledge grows when shared, they say. Well so does talent, creativity and a mindset – A mindset to initiate the change. A change that is.

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Join Alphapreneur and Headstart in Celebrating ‘WE’ Women Entrepreneurship


Women entrepreneurship has been recognised as an important source of economic growth. Women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others and also provide society.

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‘Laugh Nite’ an Event Where Your Laughter Can Help Someone Achieve their Dream


All of us have heard the phrase ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, and it is truly so. Sharing laughter with friends and family can alleviate.

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Happy Independence Day! Terms & Conditions Applied


Happy ‘Playing mere desh ki dharti on loop’ Day , but tomorrow it will be ‘Despacito Day’ again. Happy ‘Locality loudspeakers bursting with patriotic songs’ Day, but tomorrow it will be ‘Fighting.

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