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‘Laugh Nite’ an Event Where Your Laughter Can Help Someone Achieve their Dream


All of us have heard the phrase ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, and it is truly so. Sharing laughter with friends and family can alleviate.

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Happy Independence Day! Terms & Conditions Applied


Happy ‘Playing mere desh ki dharti on loop’ Day , but tomorrow it will be ‘Despacito Day’ again. Happy ‘Locality loudspeakers bursting with patriotic songs’ Day, but tomorrow it will be ‘Fighting.

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I Can’t Keep Calm Because The Broken Scooter, Chhattisgarh Completes One Year


365 odd days, more than 50 interesting articles, approximately 17 successful community building events, more than 1700 amazing followers, this can be summarized as a.

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Angrez chale gaye, but…


A reputed mall in Kolkata allegedly denies entry to a man simply because he was dressed in dhoti; a post on this goes viral and.

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Here Are 5 Events to Spice up your Friendship Day Plans


Friends are primal of our existence and Herodotus has rightly said that ‘Of all possession a friend is the most precious.’ So, why not have.

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Come to this Dessert Pop-up Cart to Satiate Your Sweet Cravings and to Buy Perfect Sweet Customized Gifts


Hey! Guys, with Friendship Day and Rakhi round the corner I’m sure you all must be looking for some ‘sweet’ ways to celebrate these days..

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EAG ‘Eat All Greens’ is a Fusion Boutique Café Which Serves Both Your Food and Fashion Needs


“There is no sincere love than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw When two people in love bring you up a unique boutique.

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This is How Scribblers of Chhattisgarh Enkindled a Poetic Evening with the 11th Volume of Karvaan Chhattisgarh


Wordsmiths of Raipur presented some amazing poems in Karvaan volume 11, held on 23rd of July. The poetry slam was organised in The Arabian Oasis.

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“Live Life Food Size” says GooseBurps


Water front sure has an array of cafes but Gooseburps is unique because of not one but a handful of qualities!! It has got an.

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Pep up your Sunday Plans with this Rooftop Live Music Jamming


Okay, now that I have got your attention, here is a piece of information for you. We are organising first ever live Music jamming session.

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