This Young Entrepreneur is Decorating Lifestyle of Raipur City Through His Startup ‘Home Allure by Beeline’

“A house is made up of walls and beams, but a home is made up of love and dreams”. Home is not just a place it’s an entire feeling where the story of our life begins, where we laugh, we share, we love and we.

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“A house is made up of walls and beams, but a home is made up of love and dreams”. Home is not just a place it’s an entire feeling where the story of our life begins, where we laugh, we share, we love and we care. One may travel the whole world but the only place where the sense of ultimate peace, tranquility, serenity and salvation lies is one’s own home. After a tiring, exhausting day all I need is to get back home and lie on my cozy bed to free myself from all the stress, worries and perplexities.

I am always in a constant search to make my home a prettier and merrier place to live in by adorning, gracing and decorating it with as many decorative as I can buy. If shopping was an art then I could call myself an artist. My crazy love for shopping brought me to this beautiful home décor shop “Home Allure by Beeline” situated in Shopper’s Paradise market, Pandri, Raipur. “Home allure by beeline” is a startup venture of Mayank Singhal, 25 years old, a young entrepreneur who dreams and aspires to provide superior quality products at very affordable prices within the reach of our city.

On my visit to this shop, I had an opportunity to learn more about the journey, intention, and motive behind his venture. His tale comprised of his journey to various trade fairs, exhibitions, expo around the globe where he came across qualitative home decor products which he intended to get manufactured through outsourcing to various factories and provide quality products same as European markets at best price. The main hindrance for any startup is its funding which he countered through a funding from “Startup India” initiative and launched his first retail outlet on 26th January 2017 under the name “Home Allure by Beeline” to build a brand through discipline, culture, ethics, positive attitude, truthfulness towards customers and a direct contact with his clients.

Beeline delivers what they promise “decorating lifestyle” with their unique concept of providing free of cost interior designing consultancy to their clients to help them decorate their home with the products they buy from this shop. Another exclusive feature that appealed me as a customer was that we could order the products online through the website and on arrival of the product we could place the product with the help of the interior designer provided by them or according to our own whims and fantasy and if we were not satisfied either with the appearance or the quality of the product we could return the same. After a house is ready with the furniture, wallpapers etc., the main roleplay comes in decorating the house where most of the people lack and get stuck. So this shop offers a complete solution to decorate, renovate and redecorate your home to glamorize and embellish the same.

This shop has a warm, welcoming ambience with a vast and diversified range of products including artifacts, wall hangings, scented candles, wall clocks, cutlery sets, panel paintings, oil paintings, garden accessories, artificial flowers segments, ceramic bathroom accessories, coffee and tea sets, bed linens, towel sets, wooden mirrors, lamps, designer pots in brass and many more. By the end of May they will be coming with a new range of decor with a peculiar feature of just a single or two pieces of a particular design so there is no repetition. Further, they are also collaborating with different people across the country and also establishing the concept of franchise outlets to make their products available pan India.

So to add some more love, affection fervor to your home and lifestyle do not forget to visit “Home Allure by beeline”

Written by: Ankita Agrawal, CA by day, Writer and Decor Expert by night.

Pictures by: Abhimanyu Jha, Batman ’nuff said!


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