A Complete Guide To Being An Indian Gypsy

  First of all, I wish a very happy new year to all our readers! A new start to the year is always quite refreshing and rejuvenating to plan the entire year ahead and also your wardrobe. ‘Moving forward’ is the rule of nature and.

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First of all, I wish a very happy new year to all our readers! A new start to the year is always quite refreshing and rejuvenating to plan the entire year ahead and also your wardrobe. ‘Moving forward’ is the rule of nature and a habit of time, we all follow what inspires us and appreciate what mesmerizes our eyes. So, let’s touch something incredible to refresh our dressing style and get inspired by gypsies!

As we all know that gypsies are voracious travelers, explorers, and this way, among the most experienced also. Their bright and vibrant iconic dressing style is not hidden from the eyes of fashionistas and fashion freaks alike.

What is most striking about their styling is that they stay close to nature and pick elements from things that inspire them while traveling. What is even more fascinating about them is their love for freedom that showcases in their dressing style even when they keep mixing styles. This mode of dressing is so cool, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to style freely yet pick up layers of elements adding newer flavours?

Beautiful girls of hippie in the field

Nature is one phenomenon that encompasses all spheres of human life. We pick up different elements from it and sprinkle them in different areas. Such is the area of fashion and dressing too. Primitive people expressed themselves with the help of unique dressing and styling forms – one tribe had one uniform pattern to wear and accessorize with grades among them, similarly, another tribe had its own unique pattern. This pattern resulted in semi-fixed dress codes to express in different areas in modern times. The beauty lies in where it originates. Every thirty kilometers has a different taste of outfits and styling. People travel and re-locate themselves often and to keep their identity safe, a vibrant and iconic yet uniform dressing and accessorizing style became mandatory out of its effectiveness.

This culture of preserving things from the past and keeping a distinct yet uniform identity with expressions in outfits is part of the beautiful remains from the past. Advancement and consequent alterations in costumes are obvious with time, yet by preserving the essence of roots and imbuing the same in the contemporaneously available elements to express one’s self is how one can find joy in dressing like the gypsies do.

gypsy 3

Urbanization has its own advantages; newer forms of dressing are evolving quickly in this era. However, fashion always takes a U-turn every now and then. A sense of freedom always remains elementary to dressing – any place any time one wears what one finds comfort in. Dressing is an essential part of daily routine; make it trendy by adding elements and layers to it. Dressing speaks volumes so make sure it is equal portions of modesty and funk. Whatever is easily available from nature to gypsies becomes a part of their dressing.

The culture of maintaining uniqueness in dressing among hundreds of tribes is still practiced in the interiors of rural life and forests. These tribes are less familiar with the fashion trends prevailing in the outside world, they conserve their basic dressing style, and they cherish the unique dressing styles and accessories inherited from their ancestors as gifts.

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The forests of Chhattisgarh have given food and shelter since times immemorial to the native tribes and the travelers. They share a special connection with these forests. What we see of these tribes today is the preserved reality of their ancestors and it is a bliss to see them take inspiration from their past. The tribes of Chhattisgarh are free-spirited, adventurous, and a mystery to travelers, even today. They are fascinating to see in their natural daily attire, and if you feel rather daring to dress like them, get inspired and get tattooed! That’s because they are known to have elaborate and intricate ancient motifs, patterns, and complex drawings, which are difficult to decode today. Since tattooing these days is a fad, you can experiment with it.

Hot colours are becoming a rage in international trend now. Here in India, people have always had them as part of their colour chart. All one needs to do is to unravel one’s wardrobe and create fresh looks with the already available hot colours.

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Always have elements, which connect you to the look you want. Since we are blending gypsy fashion with modern trends, be careful of the choice of fabrics and ensemble because this look has many elements and diverse colours and patterns can get very confusing. The original gypsy look is very difficult to replicate, but you can always take elements from it and mix with your attire, like the flares. Dense flares with bright floral prints, bell sleeves, off-shoulders, loose fitting, and extravaganza are identified with these folks as they are travellers and need something comfortable at the same time low maintenance.

The hairdo of-course! Play with your hair like the gypsies. They have different hairstyles and elaborate head accessories. Colour your hair, if you like it, make interesting braids, and fix colourful clips and pins. Pick up elements locally and easily available to you like feathers, beads, laces, etc.

gy[psy 6

Remember to wear bright and funky accessories of bold colours, crystals, mineral stones, metals and either follow the trend or mix elements with something you already have to pair up but in a newer ways.

Cast a spell and be a gypsy!

Contributed by: Veronika Patil.  A Fashion Design Graduate, Masters of design (space), NIFT, New Delhi.
Edits by: Ankita Vashisht. A Lawyer by Day & Batman for Grammarville Citizens by Night.



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