Bohemian Ink from Chhattisgarh – Get Inspired From The Tribes of Chhattisgarh

Hey Ladies!  Hope you all are in good health.  It was a long busy month and I was busy researching and travelling. During my stay with parents in Chhattisgarh, I ventured  into the interiors to explore more. What a natural beauty this place is, the.

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Hey Ladies!  Hope you all are in good health.  It was a long busy month and I was busy researching and travelling. During my stay with parents in Chhattisgarh, I ventured  into the interiors to explore more. What a natural beauty this place is, the forests of ‘sagwan’ wood which is rare to see was captivating, also I was stunned to see how beautiful people dress in their daily life in interiors of villages.

Yes, I am talking about the vivacious tribes of our very own Chhattisgarh. It inspired me to my marrow, that I couldn’t stop myself from writing about it and bringing this into the periphery of current fashion.

‘How rich is our legacy and how rich these tribes are’ and its time we decode the wonders of their dressings. There are several threads of different tribes to pull and bind together and let people know what it is all about. In a wide spectrum of tribe I wanted to squash down the essence when I started noticing the ‘Chhattisgariah’ way of dressing and lifestyle being outstanding, it motivated me somehow to relate and rejuvenate the modern cultures of dressing with this new flavour.

I suggest it could be a brilliant blend with the bohemian ways of dressing which is already cherished by the people in urban lands. People here are not shy to flaunt their originality, living in this advance era a free attitude to wear what you like could be practiced beautifully and could be acknowledged to the real authentic tribes who are maintaining this since ancient times. The carefree ways of dressing having the same values and the identity mixed with the modern silhouettes and styling, and could be a very new cast, and can also bring out the excellence hidden in the forests.

Don’t be afraid of the fluorescent, these colors are our bequests.

As we all know Chhattisgarh is a new state to describe much about fashion, but still there are many things unexplored of dressing sense particularly, we are aware of their culture definitely but when we talk about fashion, there is a huge gap between traditional dressing sense and modern dressing sense. To fill this gap and to make the attire more advanced there is a mid-way out for both western and Indian dressing in ‘Chhattisgariah’ style. As Fashion freaks always look for something innovative to carry, so here are treasure loaded tribes and their accessories to match if you are bored with the existing ones give them a try to rejoice dressing yourselves.

The maintained and the passed on heritage of beautiful tribes are our pillars to transform a traditional way of dressing into something which is modern and a young women can wear it in a trendy way anywhere. The tribes of Chhattisgarh have a lot to match a tribal boho- chic look which is a new taste in the dressing world these days. A very own and contemporary way of dressing by taking the inspirations simultaneously maintaining the respect for the traditional ensemble is a very creative way to add and try-out with the looks. Do not hesitate to dress and accessories in neon, and flaunt your multiple stringed necklaces of tribal tassels. The pom-poms, tassels, fringes, and bold bead work in the hem lines of the attire gives a magnificent tribal-boho look to western and Indian both.


Proud to be a Chhattisgarhi – Why not! Learning about fashion comes directly from the past practices, culture and traditions, a raw look of the tribe their attire, accessories, colours, drapes and fabric creation are glory in itself, you see a very different touch to a modern world of dressing could be done with simple things. Experimenting a bit with the ways of dressing, there is no problem if you want to carry the traditional look but if the designs could be taken forward we can surprise people.

Staple dressing here remains the plain one coloured sari of Chhattisgarh with the borders of traditional patterns, and colours of cotton handmade cloth draped in different styles. By thinking of bohemian style a carefree attitude of dressing comes in mind, a dressing which is comfortable to carry long day and still look stylish is the approach with less maintenance. To mix and get rid of the old patterns of dressing for young’s at working places. These interesting borders can bring life to the skirts and party dresses, the block prints and the wall arts could be used as the motifs in repetitions to adorn your dressings. Like there is this ‘Godna’ an art form practiced much in the village of Jamgala in Chhattisgarh, which has marvellous tattoo ranges where ladies take inspiration and paint the same motifs on the textiles, these textiles if cut and sewn in a modern silhouettes it can bring entirely a new fresh mixing which will have both the flavours attached to it.

Be cool about accessories!

Another brilliance is people here love wearing ornaments the load themselves they say it’s incomplete without it daily. A huge variety of real metal jewelleries and the style is unique in itself here. Accessories made up of the coins, shells, metals, horns, feathers, bones, ‘kauries’ and seeds to make their eye striking look more iconic.


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Each and every tribe here has a different set of ornaments which is considered their identity and is intricate and fabulously handcrafted stuff. The Rouths, Muriya, and Bharripara tribes are among the best known for their colourful attires and carrying extravagant accessories adornment.

Currently what can be clubbed between the bohemian style and the tribes here in Chhattisgarh is first the mood of dressing, both of them demands the freedom of expressions, the way of living is very own between the similar folks, no hesitation and are great travelers but, with the proven identity hence is understood by them only.

The ways of living and understandings reflect a lot in the dressing forms, the love for nature and the artistic ways of living itself portrays how similar the notions are. When it comes to youth, I would suggest there is lot more to discover in Chhattisgarh, here you will find numerous designs to talk about the show stealing accessories can be very well carried with the modern dressing style. The things which are worn since years and years are now in fashion like the feathers, horns, coins, and ivories.


Keep your dressing plain of one color or mix certain colours in a balanced way like by prints on it, and load yourself with accessories of different materials and let people wonder the sources.

[Contributed by: Veronika Patil – A Fashion Designer from NIFT, she is now pursuing her Master’s in Design from New Delhi]


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