It’s Time to Give Back, Raipur – Here’s A List of 4 NGO’s Where You Can Volunteer & Make a Difference

‘The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.’ – Mahatma Gandhi This is largely the generation of ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Myself’. Trapped within the confines of time and hectic schedules, we rarely get time to do.

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‘The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.’
– Mahatma Gandhi

This is largely the generation of ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Myself’. Trapped within the confines of time and hectic schedules, we rarely get time to do something significant which makes a difference. We have largely become insensitive to a world outside our own four walls and lives.

However if you look around, you will notice the World is far from perfect, young kids need education, food and hunger are major issues and there is a plethora of stuff that needs intervention. While we can stand and blame others for not doing their part, we can also take matters into our own hands and be the change we want to witness around us.

This monsoons, while your friends choose to be stay at home, you can open your eyes and be a part of that world and create a change in it, take action to serve someone other than yourself.

To make this easier, we curated a list of places in and around Raipur where you can turn your ideas into action and work towards a better world:

1. Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity was established in Raipur by the Sisters of the Cross. Their innocent laughter and childlike behaviour fills the institute premises with unbound emotions that one can experience only on visiting the place.


Missionaries of charity is a world wide organisation with its centres in many cities of the world. They are located in Shailendra Nagar, Raipur. They serve the mentally challenged females who have been abandoned by their own. These women live there and are also offered relevant treatment. The sisters of the cross spread a message of kindness and brotherhood with their acts of kindness. Here, the ladies experience a homely environment and the visitors can go to share some free time to make a difference.

Visting Time: 9-12 Pm & 3-6 PM except Thursdays

2. Bunch of fools

Well, that’s their name! While everyone is being self-centred, and care about the cleanliness of their own premises. There is a group of madmen striving towards cleanliness and hygienic environment not only for themselves but for the residents of our city too.

bunch of fools

The bunch of fools is a non profit organisation which began working in the year 2014. They have a simple mission – Make Raipur clean. It consists of a set of enthusiastic volunteers who can be seen cleaning various spots on any Sunday morning in the city. After cleaning they decorate the walls of that area with beautiful hand drawings spreading the message of cleanliness. They are an inspiration to all of us and can surely do with more helping hands! Go Join them.

You can reach them on: 9713265000

3. Chhattisgarh Agrotech society

This institution was founded in 1992 and is active in the districts of Raipur, Durg, Rajnandgaon, Bilaspur, Dhamtari, Kawardha and Mahadamund.

Their office is situated in Shanker nagar, Raipur. They cater to various fields like animal husbandry, fishing, agriculture, environmental development, Dalit upliftment, forest protection, rural development etc. Among the members are some retired scientists and young agricultural graduates who utilize their knowledge to come up with better ideas for the development of society. They also provide help in the area of women empowerment. Volunteers of any age group are welcome!

Reach them on: 0771 2428099

4. Sahayata Mahila Mandal

As a symbol of female empowerment this organisation has been a glimmer of hope in many people’s lives!

Spreading happiness is their motto and they are an inspiration for all the women and men across the globe. Established in 1999, it has been working relentlessly in the field of child welfare and development. Education for the poor, health, family welfare, and tribal issues are also few areas in which they offer services in the suburbs of Raipur district. They also run a child labour school (NCLP) with the help of central government in Raipur. Shobha Yadav is the chief functionary of the NGO.

For any queries and information, you can reach out to: 0771-2426454 , 0771-4010800

Like Gandhi said ‘Be the Change you want to see in the World’ – it’s time to take matters into our hands and create a positive impact in the society we live in.

If you know of other places which should be added to the list, let us know in the comments below with #RaipurGivesBack

[Contributed by: Nishtha Joshi]

About: A 20 year old, Nishtha is an architecture student from Amity university, Chhattisgarh. An ardent reader, she cites art and poetry as her biggest inspirations.


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