5 Essential Fashion Tips Every Girl Needs to Keep In Mind During Monsoons

Hello pretty girls out there!  It’s finally the season of showers, when nature shares its love in the form of little droplets of water, and there are magnificent sights of the sun playing hide and seek in the skies. This is the time when we all have.

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Hello pretty girls out there!  It’s finally the season of showers, when nature shares its love in the form of little droplets of water, and there are magnificent sights of the sun playing hide and seek in the skies.

This is the time when we all have a craving to go out in the rain and have a wonderful time. But oops! There are certain limitations when it comes to dressing up in this monsoon season. But that doesn’t mean you cannot look glamorous and carry off that dress you always liked during the monsoons.

You just have to be a bit extra cautious to choose the right outfit which doesn’t become a burden and it’s weight can be carried throughout the day.

During this damp weather, fabrics like cotton take too much time to dry, and gets stuck to the body as they are not rainproof.

So we decided to compile a list of ‘must haves’ for this monsoon which will make your life easier:

1.  Rain Proof Jewelry


Having rain proof jewelry off course! Because you need to save your stuff from the weather and also go for comfortable coated chains. If you want an eye striking large sized pendant which blends well with the dressing, avoid all the crystals studded in your accessories till monsoon says ta-ta bye-bye.

2. Say NO to Heavy Clothing


Dear girls, please try to avoid heavy cottons in this season and go for something like comfortable Georgette and chiffon’s which allows you to to live with ease. Choose something that doesn’t stick to the body and dries up soon if it is wet. Girls, now is the time to give your denims a little pause and go for nice shararas, palazzos and sheer skirts of different cuts. Match your bottoms with nice contrasting tops and Kurtis to give a kickass tinge to this season. Mix your traditional prints with light pastels, and be very careful about mixing two different tastes.

3. Lighter Flares Are Better!


Go for light flares, and for god sake do not choose extremely light tones near to whites and off course white too, keep your color pallet warm with pastels and good prints which has contrasting base colors. Now coming up to cuts, you can try certain ‘A’ line and high low flares of the dresses of sheer fabrics. Try to reduce the weight of your dressing, as the weather makes it little irritating to carry heavy clothing. Avoid layered dresses and all the garments that has huge layering’s and stuffing’s in it. Go for nice floral, abstracts and beautiful check prints of pleasant and multiple colors as they look absolutely good in this weather.

4. Save Your Accessories!


Girls hide your leather bags and other delicate fabrics like silks which are not very water friendly. Choose your footwear carefully. We would recommend picking up rubber and stripes of nice water proof materials. Pick colours which are contrasting, like neon’s! They add that extra bling in dull monsoons. And also select water proof bags which are easy to handle during rains.

5. Some Basics

Some other basic tips for this season:

Do not forget to put on waterproof makeup especially for eyes. Go for nice waterproof mascara and neon eye liners. Choose lip shades carefully according to your skin tone and weather conditions as the air has too much of moisture that will make your lipsticks go cakey and difficult to carry the entire day.

Do minimal makeup of good neutral tones which has less chemicals in it.  Make skincare a foremost priority in this season and take off your makeup before you sleep. Splash a lot of water on your face and do not let the bacteria infect your beautiful skin, as this weather causes major trouble for people with oily skin. Do not forget to care for your hair, the humid and changing temperatures might cause your hair to go frizzy, sticky and difficult to manage.

Take care of yourself and keep rocking this season with your dashing looks!

[Contributed by: Veronika Patil – A Fashion Designer from NIFT, she is now pursuing her Masters in Design from New Delhi]           


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